How To Remove Rust From Ceramic Tiles?

On June 7, 2021

Rust happens when the iron oxidizes. When this happens for a long period, they start rusting. When this rusted iron comes in contact with your ceramic tiles, they leave behind rust stains on them.

But, of course, they ruin the look of your flooring. So, let us learn here how to remove rust from ceramic tiles after following the below steps.

Steps To Remove Rust From Ceramic Tiles

♦ Follow The Safety Guidelines

In the rust removal process from ceramic tiles, you will have to use abrasive chemicals. So, you need to don protective gear to protect you from coming in direct contact with such chemicals. Wear protective gloves and goggles to protect you from potential skin irritation or rashes.

♦ Clear The Entire Area

In whichever area the ceramic tile is rusting, like bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc., to start the removal process, you will have to clear out the area. If the rusting is taking place in the living room, then you will have to move all your furniture, breakable items, and gadgets.

♦ Wash The Floor

Take a bucket full of water and add soap to it. Now, dip a sponge in the lathered water and scrub the floor thoroughly to remain any dirt and debris from it. This will not remove the rust. Next, take a clean sponge to clean off all the soap from the floor. Lastly, use a clean cloth to dry the flooring.

♦ Take Help of Cleaning Solution To Get Rid of Rust

To remove rust, let’s start with making the best rust remover for tiles.

  1. You can mix lemon juice and borax in equal parts. Now, take a spatula to transfer the paste over rusting ceramic tiles. Let the paste stay till it dries. Once it is dry, use a clean sponge to clean off the cleaning solution and then rinse it with water.
  2. Or you can try a mixture of vinegar and salt in equal parts. Apply this paste on the affected areas for 5 hours before scrubbing the floor with a sponge and warm water. This is a time-consuming process but you will surely see the results in some time.
  3. Or else you can use store-bought cleaner. If you plan to go this way, then make sure the one you buy is an environmentally friendly one.

♦ Scrub The Floor With A Pumice Stone

If you want to remove rust from your ceramic tile, you can also use a pumice stone. In case of stubborn rust stains, a pumice stone will come in handy to remove them, without damaging the tiles.

If This Method Doesn’t Work For You, Then Call Professionals!

However, there are chances these options may not work for you. Or you may not have the time to do the whole rust removal process. So, what will remove rust stains? Professional tile and grout cleaning services! Professionals will not only remove rust but also provide you with tips to maintain your tile & grout at home.

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