Beware of Myths And Facts About Tile And Grout Cleaning

On December 7, 2020

Cleaning tiles and grouts are one of the most difficult home chores. You not only spend hours breaking your back but don’t even get a satisfactory result out of it. Unfortunately, then you search online for home remedies to make cleaning up your tile flooring easy.

Then, why is that these home remedies don’t work or spoil and ruin the look of your tiles and grouts? It’s because these remedies are not a permanent solution and, sometimes, cause harm rather than help. Read below the most-known myths and facts about tile and grout cleaning to know where you’re going wrong.

4 Most-Known Myths And Facts About Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning San Antonio

1. Regular Mopping Is Good Enough

This fact is not 100% incorrect. Regular mopping helps to remove surface dust that the tiles and grout collect daily. However, it doesn’t remove the dirt trapped inside the tile cracks and grout lines. For that purpose, you need a professional tile and grout cleaning services.

2. You Can Use Dishwasher For Cleaning Tile Flooring

Do you use dishwashing soap to clean your clothes? No, right! That’s because the dishwashing soap is not made for the purpose of cleaning clothes. The same logic applies here too. Tile and grout cleaning solutions present in the market are specially made to remove debris and stains from it.

3. The Bleaching God Can Remove All Stains

Well! This is an entirely incorrect fact. Though many homeowners use it, what they don’t know is that bleach reacts with tiles and discolors them. Besides that, it also weakens grouts and causes them major damage. That’s why knowing myths and facts about tile and grout cleaning can help prevent such situations.

4. Acid Works For Tile and Grout

The biggest misconception that people have is that acids are a good and fastest way to remove stains. But this fact is completely false. In fact, acids cause severe damage to the delicate grout lines. Moreover, they also damage the shiny top layer of the tiles.

Get Professional Help Here!

Since you know the myths and facts about tile and grout cleaning, why not take professional help?

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