How To Measure Carpet Cleaning Company Work From Their Before-after Images?

On May 13, 2021

Uploading a before and after picture on a website may improve the company’s google my business page. But, including this thing, there are many other points to understand from the before and after images of a carpet cleaning company. Mainly, you can judge the level of cleanliness from these images and sometimes able to know the type of cleaning equipment or method.

Things To Know From Before-after Image Of A Carpet Cleaning Company

As it is said “A picture can speak a thousand words”, similarly the gallery section of a website can speak a lot about the company.

  • Firstly, a picture can give you an idea of the cleanliness you can expect from the company’s services.
  • Changes seen in a before and after picture can tell how dirty the carpet was before the wash and how clean it is now. 
  • Documented pictures also speak about the knowledge and experience of the professionals working there.
  • The more the picture appears in the gallery, the more is the experience.
  • The expertise of the company can be seen through the equipment and tools they use and how comfortable they are with them.
  • From the gallery section, you can make out if a company has the required multiple equipment and tools for the cleaning service.
  • Don’t fall for a website that uses stock images in their gallery section, this probably means either they don’t have experience or they are scammers.
  • You should be careful about who you share your personal information with like name, email, phone number, and even address.
  • Also, real images will give you a rough idea of who all is going to visit your place for cleaning. 

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