How To Remove Paint Stains From Sofa?

On May 25, 2021

Tired of paint marks on your favorite sofa? Well, here is how to remove paint stains from the sofa. No need to cover the paint stains or be embarrassed by them anymore. First, understand the paint stain type and then follow the steps given below to get rid of them completely.

Two Main Types of Paint Stains And Steps For How To Remove Paint Stains From Sofa

♦ Water-Based Paint 

Water-based paints are easier to clean than oil-based paint stains. They are more workable. Plus, you can also remove them easily on your own if they have dried up. This isn’t possible in the case of oil-based paint.

You can use a knife to remove paint stuck on the upholstery. Then, mix in detergent and water and rub it gently, till it foams. Clean off the soap and the stain with warm water. 

Then, how to remove dried paint from couch fabric. In this case, rub the paint stain with a cotton pad immersed in rubbing alcohol. Now, repeat the above cleaning process. For older paint marks, you can use a paint remover to remove paint stains.  

♦ Oil-Based Paint

In the case of oil-based paint stains, it is best to remove them while they are still wet. It becomes extremely tough to remove them once they have dried up. Here, hiring upholstery cleaners will benefit you and your upholstery.  

Now, for the stain removal process, check if the label has mentioned any paint thinner. In case there isn’t any, you can also use turpentine. Wet the affected with a paint thinner and use a dull knife to scrape the excess paint from the sofa’s fabric.

Use a paper towel to absorb excess paint and paint remover from the sofa’s fabric. Repeat the process till the paint comes off completely. Once done, use a detergent and water mixer to clean the affected area and let it dry.     

Don’t Ruin Your Sofa’s Fabric Trying Out DIY! Instead, Call Experts! 

When you are unsure of how to remove paint stains from the sofa, call professionals instead. They have studied upholstery fabrics in detail and know the correct way to deal with different paint stains on the sofa. 

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