How To Clean Grout On The Kitchen Floor?

On May 17, 2021

Tiles are a beautiful addition to any house, especially in the main areas like the living room and kitchen. Their lustrous looks, smooth surface, and availability in every color to match your interiors make them a perfect flooring option for any home. 

As time passes, tiles and grout deteriorate as a result of excessive foot traffic, stains, and dirt accumulated in it. This is commonly seen in kitchen tiles, particularly the grouts. That is why we have come up with this article that answers your question, “ how to clean grout on the kitchen floor?”  

Super Easy Methods To Clean Grout On The Kitchen Floor

The cleaning process of kitchen grouts ain’t simple. It requires you to get down on your knees and put in some effort. Plus, you would need a stiff-bristled brush, vinegar, baking soda, warm water, and commercial grout cleaner. This cleaning method will also help you to make your grouts white again.     

♦ Kitchen Grout Cleaning Process:

⇒ Step 1:

Start the kitchen grout cleaning process by pouring warm plain water over the grout lines. Then, proceed to get the gunk out of the grout using the stiff-bristled brush in a circular motion.

Kitchen Grout Cleaning By Brush

⇒ Step 2:

To remove stains from the grout, use an equal-part mixture of vinegar and warm water and spray it on the grout lines. Leave it on for a few minutes, and then scrub off the stains using the stiff-bristled brush.

⇒ Step 3:

For a better result, you can make baking soda paste by adding water to it and apply it to the grout lines. Spray the vinegar-water solution on it for additional effect. As the mixture stops foaming, rinse it off with water.

⇒ Step 4:

Use the best grout cleaner available in the market and use it to clean the grout lines in the kitchen. It removes mold, mildew, and bacteria. Further, it also makes grout white again. 

♦ Alternative Method: Hire Professionals 

There is a simple and more effective method to grout on the kitchen floor, that is to hire professional tile and grout cleaners. When your kitchen tiles are in bad condition, the DIY cleaning process won’t give you the desired result. Here, only professionals can help you restore the look and shine of your tiles and grouts.        

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