How LMA, CO Carpet Cleaning Services & More Restore The Shine Of Your Carpet

On April 12, 2021

Every year, hundreds of Americans fall sick due to allergies and respiratory problems caused due to living in an unclean environment. The reason for this happens to be the debris and allergens collected in your carpets. Hence, cleaning them is of utmost importance. 

LMA, Co Carpet Cleaning Services & More is the ultimate solution for you. Vacuuming doesn’t remove the deeply embedded contaminants stuck inside the carpets. Professional carpet cleaners can do that, especially ours as we have been offering this service for the past 14 years in San Antonio. 

We offer affordable carpet cleaning prices in the neighborhood, however, it varies as per certain situations and issues. With our effective cleaning method (that you will read ahead) equipped with the newest carpet cleaning gadgets, we bring back the shine of your carpets. 

LMA, Co Carpet Cleaning Services & More’s Effective Carpet Cleaning Method

〉 Pre-Inspection of The Carpet

The first step in carpet cleaning involves a thorough inspection of the carpet. It helps to understand the issues damaging the carpet, which allows preparing an effective plan to overcome them. 

〉 Pre Vacuum

Later, the carpet is vacuumed from top to bottom to remove loose soil, debris, and other waste lying on the carpet’s surface. 

〉 Pre Spray Treatment

By spraying an enzyme-based carpet cleaning solution, it helps to release all the solid particles from the carpet fiber’s grasp. 

〉 Pre Spots Treatment

To remove toughened stains, a pre-spot treatment is performed. This dissolves all the stains present on the carpet. 

〉 Post Vacuuming

Using a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, the carpet is vacuumed. This helps to remove all the debris along with germs and odor from the carpets.  

Carpet Cleaning San Antonio

〉 Post-inspection 

A mandatory step to check the effect of the cleaning process. In case of any missed spots, the cleaning process begins again. 

〉 Speed Dry 

Lastly, leave the carpet to dry to begin its use again.   

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