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The beautiful carpet lying on your flooring goes through a lot of wear and tear to provide us comfort and warmth. These carpets that grace us with their vibrant designs, colors, and styles often suffer because of stains, pests, and dirt. Then the question arises: what do you do to maintain them?

The best solution is to call professional carpet cleaners from LMA, Co. Carpet Cleaning Services & More in San Antonio, TX location. Our carpet cleaning experts guide you through the complete carpet cleaning process. We also answer all your queries and questions regarding the carpet and our services.

Our carpet cleaning process and products meet the industry-standards. Besides that, we use green cleaning products which are safe for your surroundings. The high-grade cleaning equipment removes all the contaminants from deep within the carpets, thus they look and smell clean.

We Beautify Your Carpet Following This Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning is an art, and we have been the master for the past 14 years. So, here’s how we transform the look of carpets completely:

  • First, pre-inspect the carpet to locate major affected areas and damage to the carpet. The price of carpet cleaning is determined after a pre-inspection.
  • Second, vacuum the carpet and remove the surface debris from the carpet.
  • Third, spread an enzyme cleaning solvent which helps break down tough stains and dirt from the carpet.
  • Fourth, using high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions, deep-clean the carpet.
  • Fifth, remove the excess water and cleaning solution along with all the contamination. Then let the carpet dry on an undisturbed surface.
  • Sixth, we inspect to check for any missed spots or stains after cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning Services San Antonio

Experienced Carpet Cleaners In San Antonio!

The look of your carpet can embarrass you in front of your guests and clients. It will affect the valuation of the property if you plan to sell it. To change the unfavorable conditions, hire LMA, Co. Carpet Cleaning Services & More. We have served major clients in San Antonio and its nearby areas for both residential and commercial spaces.

Furthermore, we have carpet cleaning experience of 14 years and counting. So, if you need help with cleaning carpets, upholstery cleaning, tile & grouts cleaning, and janitorial services, you can count on us.

Call us at (210) 488 5380 to book your next appointment with the best professional carpet cleaning services in town.

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